Spears are a pole weapon that has a pointed end, for stabbing and impaling.

King Kong (2005 film)Edit

The natives of Skull Island use spears as their primary weapons. They killed Carl's sound man Mike with one.

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieEdit

Spears are a commonly found weapon in the video game that can be used by the player. As well as attacking enemies, they can be used to transport fire to burn obstacles (and can do more damage when lit). Care must taken to not use them too much as they'll eventually break from overuse and become largely useless, and when this happens they can't be used anymore (but they can still inflict damage and catch fire).

Aside from the Skull Islanders, some of the main heroes will use spears to combat the local predators: Ann Darrow, Carl Denham and Jimmy being the chief wielders, Ben Hayes however won't use any unless his gun runs out of ammo, while Jack Driscoll is free to use a spear whenever he wants, regardless if he has a fully-loaded gun.


  • Stab: Pressing the attack button without readying it. This method will only repel an enemy rather than hurt them.
  • Throw: Readying the spear and then pressing the attack button will make Jack launch the spear. This is the way to inflict damage on an opponent.


There are two different types of spear that can be found. ◾ Native Spear: Made from wood with a sharpened stone for the head, has decorative wrap around the head. These are powerful, but are limited in number. ◾ Bone Spear: The broken rib of a deceased creature. They are not as strong as the native-spear, but make up for it by having an unlimited stock.

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