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A Skull Island Termite (Truxtermopsis difficilis, meaning Surly Savage-termite), was a creature inhabiting Skull Island. It measured 1/2-1 inch in length.


Skull Island was home to a unique species of termite that built vast castle-like termites rivaling the biggest of the island's dinosaurs in size. A typical colony might house as many as five million individuals. Several species of dinosaur made use of the fiercely protective insects to combat skin parasites. Animals like Ferructus actively provoke the termites to swarm over their hides by rubbing themselves against termitaries. While their own skins were tough enough to withstand the termite's bites, unwelcome dermal parasites on their hides were not so lucky.

Termite Castes[]

Skull Island termite colonies were composed of many distinct castes, each with very specific functions. Slim, winged reproductives flew out to breed. Two varieties of soldier existed for defense, broad-headed warriors with powerful jaws and special snoot-nosed individuals able to squirt noxious chemicals at attackers.

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