Scutucaris (meaning Shield-crab) are 6-10 inches long crustaceans.


Scutucaris was a flattened lobster from the Scyllaridae family, including slipper and Spanish-nosed lobsters. Scutucaris was extreme even among these squashed-looking crustaceans, with its almost two-dimensional body designed to allow it to slip into cracks and splits in the rocks of the shoreline.

Predatory fish and octopi could be evaded by hiding in the fissures that were common along the shattering coast-line. Scutucaris also hunted in the cracks, hauling out small prey that would have evaded most crabs or lobsters of similar size. The crustacean was omnivorous, taking anything it came across. The sharp-bladed claws could prize open bivalves and snip the muscle that held the two halves shut to get at the fleshy shellfish inside.

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