Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie is a first person shooter action adventure game based on the 2005 film King Kong. It is a collaboration between the film's director Peter Jackson and famed videogame designer Michel Ancel (Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil).

Plot summeryEdit

In 1933, a troubled filmmaker, Carl Denham acquires a map to a fabled island which he intends to use as a location for his next film. He hires his friend, Jack Driscoll to pen the script, casts movie star Bruce Baxter and out of work vaudeville performer Ann Darrow as the leads. He commissions the SS Venture, captained by Captain Englehorn to travel to the island located by only his map.

Upon reaching the island, the ship is unable to progress any further due to rocks rendering it stuck and the weather being very bad. Carl Denham took it as a great opportunity to explore the island and decided to organise an exploration party to shoot his film in the island. Several sailors are involved including Hayes, Preston, Choy, Lumpy, Ann, Jack and many others in three separated boats. Jack is in the third boat occupied by Hayes, Briggs, Ann and Carl while the other two boats are occupied by Preston, Choy, Lumpy, Jimmy and an unnamed sailor (possibly Bruce).

The boats set to sail to the island despite Englehorn's protest due to heavy rain and waves, the first two boats are pulled away due to the rough storm and the last boat, occupied by Jack and his teammates is damaged by falling rocks.

Few hours pass as Jack lost his consciousness and is woken up by Ann who informs him that the boat is crushed and one of them, Briggs has been killed instantly while the others survived from the crash. Unable to contact the other two boats, Hayes shoots a flare in the air, hoping to attract the attention of Englehorn and the party moves to explore into the caves. In the caves, they are attacked by creatures that resemble to be crabs in big size. The party eliminated them before proceeding in the open where they have to open the door.

Carl Denham decides to film a test with Ann and asks her to scream which she does so. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard from the seas behind them which then multiple crabs emerge from and attack the party. After a brief gunfight, a very large size Cunaepraedator emerges from the sea which attacks the party as well and is eliminated.

The party progresses on and is now aware that Englehorn is aware of the distress signal but is unable to pick them up because he needs a stretch of water safe enough to land.

Soon after, they meet up with the second boat consisting of Choy, Lumpy and Preston trying to get ashore but despite of their best tries, the rough seas pull them away. Hayes, before they get lost in the fog, told them to land as soon as they can before the party progresses to the catacombs where they are attacked by centipedes in large sizes. After a brief gunfight, Hayes and Carl are separated from Jack and Ann.

Unknown to Carl and Hayes, Jack and Ann progresses on and encounter creatures which resemble scorpions with cobra-shaped tails which are stronger than any form of firearm. They are killed swiftly when Jack and Ann kill them with spears. A while after, they meet up with Hayes and Carl again but this time they are unable to move on together as there is a huge gorge between them. Hayes hands Jack a rifle Englehorn dropped earlier on and they move on in groups.

Making their way, after many close encounters, Jack and Ann are ambushed and captured by the island's natives. Jack is tied to a pole and left to watch Ann offered as a sacrifice to appease a massive ape, whom the natives call Kong.

Carl finds Jack and rescues him, and the two head deeper into the jungle to try and regroup with the others and find Kong as well as rescue Ann from the beast. Soon after, they reunite with Hayes who is armed with a Thompson of which he hands to Jack. The trio progress on and suddenly hear gunfire as well as screams along with roars by an unknown creature of which Hayes mistakes it as the ape. They eventually meet up with Preston, Lumpy, Jimmy and Choy who are crossing a tall bridge in the distance. After a brief warning by Preston of what is described of some kind of huge monster, they are then attacked by a V-Rex who immediately eats up Lumpy, destroying the bridge completely. Jimmy and Choy fall down as the bridge breaks down but Preston got to the other side of the bridge, alive. He then retreats to an unknown location as the V-Rex resumes it's attack to Hayes, Carl and Jack. Jack managed to bait the huge monster by luring his attention to bats and even to himself and after the group reach the dead-end way, the monster lost interest of them after hearing Ann screaming for help in the distance.

Jack is separated from Hayes and Carl to find Ann. He eventually does find her and defends her from some Venatosaurus and Terapusmordex, though the latter eventually abduct Ann and Jack is left with nothing to do but watch until Kong swoops in to save Ann. Kong fallows the kidnapping bats throughout the gorges, battling a few other bats along the way until finally the queen bat places Ann on a mesa and leaves her there before finally confronting Kong. After Ann makes her escape through a nearby gate, Kong and the queen bat engage, with Kong emerging the victor, then he unblocks the gate Ann went through in order to find her, but some Venatosaurus have found her first and while one keeps an eye on her the rest battle Kong, only to be defeated, then Kong reunites with Ann but she keeps away from him out of fear and Kong must rush up to her or sneak up on her in order to grab her, and once he does she screams and struggles before finally settling down and getting to know what Kong is really like.

As for Jack, he is forced to continue after Ann and Kong alone into a canyon where he finds Brontosaurus, then has to battle some Megapedes and Scorpio-pedes in some caverns, he eventually locates Hayes and Carl while they were being harassed by Megapedes, then Jack comes to a bridge over the Brontosaurus herd guarded by Terapusmordex. After eliminating the flying rodents Jack must guard Carl and Hayes from Cunaepraedators emerging from the door Carl is opening while Hayes keeps Megapedes at bay, then Jack continues to find more Megapedes fighting each other and a fire to use later. Eventually he rejoins Hayes and Carl while they were still being harassed by Megapedes, all the while some Cunaepraedators attack Jack. Once all predators were taken care of Jack burns some bushes guarding a lever needed for the door and once that was acquired and applied to the post Hayes and Carl open it, Hayes also asks Jack if he had any luck in finding Ann, to which Jack laments that he couldn't get to her. They then came into the Brontosaurus path and they head into a pathway where bushes clog it up, Hayes instructs Jack to get some fire that he had seen earlier down the path and Jack complies, marching with the sauropods, but also encountering some Venatosaurus along the way. Eventually Jack finds a lit urn and with a flaming spear uses it to light a few more urns on the way back. During the trek a V-Rex is heard and the Brontosaurus are sent running, Jack must avoid getting trampled while also repelling more Venatosaurus. Once he rejoins Hayes and Carl, Jack burns the bushes just when a V-Rex arrives and takes interest, luckily the fire fades and the bushes clear so the three men are able to escape to safety.

During their moment of recovery, the trio catch sight of Kong's domain in the distance. Trekking into a valley, they are confronted by small Venatosaurus and Terapusmordax. During the scuffle, a voice calls and Hayes recognizes it as Jimmy, who was being attacked by raptors. Quickly Jack, Hayes and Carl come to his aid and after defeating all Venatosaurus, Jimmy gets aboard one of the rafts and rides it down the river while Jack, Hayes and Carl walk alongside on the shore. Upon entering a grotto they see some natives have arrived, and one launched a spear at them. Undaunted the three men keep going until they find themselves imprisoned in a bog, and if that wasn't bad enough, the natives open another door ahead of them to unleash a swarm of Venatosaurus. The trio prevailed however, but more natives attack on a platform over some bushes. Once the bushes have been burned and the platform demolished, they cross a log over the river to join Jimmy, but the natives unleash flaming spears right behind them, forcing them to run for their lives right into more Venatosaurus, luckily Jack boards with Jimmy while Hayes and Carl take the spare raft, and escape more Venatosaurus and more natives throwing spears. Once the danger passes, Hayes asks Jimmy about the others, but Jimmy laments they were all killed and he's the only one left.

Jimmy asks what became of Ann, to which Hayes answers she's with Kong. While Jimmy wonders what is a Kong, Megapedes attack, then natives, which Hayes believes were defending their territory, regardless Jack must burn some bushes their platforms are built over to eliminate them. Then they have some centipedes and bats to contend with. They then come to some rapids and have a rollercoaster ride down to a bridge where more natives attack the explorers. Quickly Jack launches a flaming spear to destroy the bridge at its bases, unfortunately just when it seems they were out of danger, a Vastatosaurus Rex arrives. The tyrannosaur fallows the men from the shore and makes an attempt to bite Jack, only to be repelled. Another V-Rex also joins the hunt, but luckily Jack kills a hostile Terapusmordex to stall the first one. While riding the rapids more bats attack, and Jack also sets a field of grass ablaze to repel the second tyrannosaur and kill some bats, but the second tyrannosaur doesn't give up and tries to snack on Hayes and Carl, but fails. The first V-Rex catches up and tries to attack again, and fallows them into a tunnel but stops there, while the other circles around to cut them off, and when it seemed to be game over, Kong himself arrives from above stunning all, and more so when Ann is discovered with him alive.

While the men were given the chance to get away, Kong and the now lone V-Rex face off. Kong quickly puts Ann down who runs to a gate to getaway from the fight. Eventually Kong defeats the tyrannosaur, but Ann has unwittingly put herself at the mercy of two more in another location. Kong must open the gateway, navigate through a gorge and deal with a nest of Venatosaurus before finally arriving where Ann was. Kong swings in and body-slams one V-Rex while getting the other's attention. Eventually Kong defeats them both one-by-one and checks on Ann, who was recovering from the excitement.

Meanwhile the men have arrived in a marsh where they can't use their rafts anymore and must go for a dip to continue their quest. They hear animal-sounds and later encounter an Udusaur, which Hayes kills, Carl wonders if it was a crocodile due to its shape, though Hayes remarks it didn't look like any crocodile he's seen. While Carl complains about getting his camera wet, Hayes finds more Udusaurs on the hunt, Jack kills a Terapusmordex that swoops in to attack and its body gets fed upon by the Udusaurs, which are then killed by Hayes, and while he Jimmy and Carl swim through the water, Jack stays behind to guard them from more Udusaurs, then it switches around with Jack swimming and Hayes guarding him. They cross through a bog where more Udusaurs lie in wait and a Terapusmordex circling overhead. Once they make it through they hear more animal-sounds and later came to a fire guarded by a bat. After the bat was disposed of Jack walks up the narrow slope leading to the fire and kills another bat before burning the bushes blocking the way. Before Hayes Carl and Jimmy can continue Jack has to kill one more bat and some Udusaurs before once again being the bodyguard on land and vise versa. They then come to a graveyard of sort reeking of rotten meat.

As for Kong and Ann, they continue trekking their own way through the island, but are confronted by a pack of Venatosaurus: while Ann arms herself with a spear, Kong grabs a dead tree and swings it around like a baseball bat to swat the raptors away. Once that was done Kong carries Ann up a column where Ann can light her spear on fire and burn a barricade keeping Kong from going anywhere. In the meantime Kong battles some more Venatosaurus and Terapusmordax until the barricade was clear. Ann goes on ahead and Kong fallows, dealing with more Venatosaurus in the process. Once reunited Kong carries Ann further down the path until arriving in a bog where another barricade was present, quickly Kong puts Ann down, takes out some bats and destroys a door leading into a chamber where fire was. Ann heads in to light a spear, but Venatosaurus and Terapusmordax arrive and nearly overwhelm Kong, fortunately he bests them and carries Ann up a column so Ann can again destroy the barricade while Kong has to deal with more Terapusmordax while waiting. Once the barricade was destroyed Kong progresses to rendezvous with Ann who was waiting at a gate, but the gate gets destroyed by a V-Rex on the other side who chases Ann. Unable to protect her, Kong fallows along from the ledges and comes to a blocked pathway with Venatosaurus and a dead tree he can throw at the tyrannosaur to temporarily incapacitate it. Then Kong tries to clear his way, but another V-Rex arrives and stops him and the two battle while Ann was cornered at a cliff by the first. Eventually once Kong dealt with his tyrannosaur and clears the path, the first V-Rex tries to eat Ann, but she jumps away and lands in Kong's hand. All seems well until Hayes was heard and shoots at Kong with a Thompson M1928, demanding him to release Ann, but his gun jams and Kong takes it as his chance to flee.

Kong leaves Ann temporarily to deal with the men, who gather on a log over a chasm, but Kong twists the log and shakes them off. Jack gets separated from the rest and briefly passes out before hearing his friends' voices and gets to his feet, also finding Carl's camera which got destroyed. Jack meets up with the others, but is still separated by a trench in-between him and the others. Carl calls it quits due to losing his camera, so only Jack, Jimmy and Hayes will continue looking for Ann, and hear her scream. Jack goes off to find her while Hayes and Jimmy continue down on their side.

Ann and Kong have accidentally wandered in close proximity to a natives' village, and the natives become defensive: throwing spears from wooden platforms flanking a blocked gate. Kong throws a dead tree at on group and a stone block at the other, also dealing with Venatosaurus. Once Kong opens the gate, he and Ann continue into the village, where Kong swats more natives away, along with their structures. Then Kong swings over to one area where a cliff-barricade is in place. While Kong deals with the natives and some Terapusmordax, Ann climbs to a platform with an urn, to light a spear, but is confronted by a bat, fortunately the bat is dealt with and Ann sets fire to the barricade. Once the barricade was totaled Kong climbs up the cliff, picks up Ann and swings and climbs through the way out, meeting more natives on platforms along the way which are defeated. Eventually they come to a gate blocked by a brownish cone-shaped pillar and Kong lifts it out of the way, but in doing so summoned a Vastatosaurus, which knocks Kong off the ledge.

Ann runs for her life, but the tyrannosaur goes after her, where they're found by Jack. Ann runs on a bridge leading to Jack, but the dinosaur smartly destroys it to prevent them from reuniting. Undaunted Ann jumps down to the creek below while Jack rushes down to the shore to help her, but the tyrannosaur beats him to her and corners her in a set of pillars. Ann was now completely at the dinosaur's mercy as it destroys the pillars and Jack has to tread through the water in a painfully slow pace, luckily at the last second Jack grabs a spear and throws it into the dinosaur, distracting it long enough for Ann to make her escape. Jack then arrives in a bog where a door was keeping from escaping so while he keeps the dinosaur occupied Ann runs to the door and opens it. Once she finishes both make a break for it, Jack rushes up a ledge while Ann climbs up a mesa, but is stuck there until Jack reaches out to grab her and pull her up. Now that they were safe from the tyrannosaur, they trek into a cave and happily reunite with Hayes and Jimmy, the former declares that it was time to go home.

During the journey through the cave Ann asks what happened to everyone else, to which Jimmy says they were the only ones left. They then hear Kong's voice and Ann believes he's looking for her to make sure she's alright. Despite Hayes' protests Ann tries to assure Kong she was fine and Jack accompanies her, where Ann introduces them to each other, and Kong, satisfied that Ann was fine and Jack wasn't a threat leaves them be.

The quartet come to a cavern where Hayes spies a door in an altar, but upon heading there some Venatosaurus were heard and seen, causing the gang to run to the altar where they find two boxes: one with a sniper and one with a shotgun, plus some spears. Wave after wave of raptors attack, then later the sounds of a new predator are heard and a juvenile V-Rex shows up, along with two more raptors, and all three fight each other before eventually all die (both from each other and the humans). With the danger passed they could focus on the door, but one post was surrounded by thorny bushes and the other was missing a lever. Ann and Jack head into one cave nearby to see if they can at least find one of the targets, but must beware 'cause this cave has Megapedes about. They find an urn with fire in a chamber on an island ringed in water, guarded by Cunaepraedators, swiftly Jack lights a spear and throws it into the bushes surrounding the unlit urn beside the waterfall. Ann lights her spear and lights another urn on the way back, narrowly being attacked by a Megapede. After battling another wave of Cunaepraedators and lighting every other urn on the way back they return and burn the bushes. Now Ann and Jack enter the next cave behind a waterfall, where they are confronted by a Venatosaurus and two Megapedes. They then find two more Venatosaurus battling a Megapede in tall grass, which Jack sets ablaze and kills all three at once, then after killing more Megapedes who've come to feast Jack goes to the lever and retrieves it, but must watch out for more Megapedes. Upon backtracking to Hayes and Jimmy, Jack plugs the lever into the post and Ann and Hayes open the door, allowing them to continue.

They then find themselves in a swamp, with another pair of boxes with guns: one sniper and one machine-gun, however some small Venatosaurus show up too. Then they find their path is sealed by bushes, fortunately there are two routes leading to an urn with fire (though one is guarded by Moonspiders), and once the fire was obtained and the bushes were cleared they continue, where they hear Englehorn circling above wondering where they were, Hayes fires a few gunshots to let him know where they were. They come to a pond and while Hayes, Jimmy and Ann cross Jack stands guard, killing an Udusaur that was homing in on the others. Later they came to a temple where Hayes believes it will make a good lookout, but it was already taken by a hoard of Terapusmordax lead by a queen. After taken some normal-sized bats out everybody get up top to face the queen and eventually kill her. Then they hear Englehorn again, of which Hayes deduces he was trying to lead them somewhere, to which Ann theorized he may have found a water-body beyond the swamp that he could land on, so they fallow. They meet one more bat, then get attacked from behind by Udusaurs, then a trio of Venatosaurus arrive waiting for them. After the raptors were dealt with, they find a case with a sniper, clearly left by Englehorn. Jack accepts the sniper and they continue through the waterway to another temple, where they journey underneath. They are confronted by more Udusaurs, making Jimmy remark that the island is a nightmare, which Hayes heartily agrees with as they come out of the temple.

They enter a cave, where they hear Englehorn again, and then come across a river big enough for Englehorn to land on, much to their happiness. Everybody rejoice, but it was ruined when a V-Rex shows up and forces Englehorn to abandon the others, who flee up to a temple with the tyrannosaur coming after them. Upon getting passed the temple, the tyrannosaur tries to break through, but couldn't. Hayes and Jimmy lament they were now trapped and could do nothing to stop the dinosaur, but Ann proposes one idea: summon Kong. Hayes strongly opposes: not having any trust or faith in Kong at all, but doesn't have an alternative. Ann urges him to at least listen to her and was just about to climb a mesa to light a fire for Kong when the V-Rex took a detour to get to them. They hide in a viaduct, but Ann makes a mad dash back to the mesa to alert Kong, much to Hayes' dismay. Jack fallows to distract the tyrannosaur, such as with slaughtering a few Terapusmordax attacking him or Ann. Eventually Ann lights a fire and shouts for Kong, who responds with a roar and arrives. Hayes however tries to prevent the reunion by shooting at Kong with a tommy-gun, but in doing so took his eyes off the V-Rex, who promptly steps on him like a bug (much to Jimmy's horror) before plowing into Kong.

Both beasts tumble off the cliff before settling in a field. Kong and the V-Rex engage, while Ann helps out by throwing some flaming spears at the dinosaur. Terapusmordax also join the event, having been attracted by the commotion, and confront Ann and Kong. Eventually Kong kills the V-Rex, but Ann is then kidnapped by a queen Terapusmordax intent on eating her. Kong clears a path in his way and a chase ensues: where Kong scales walls and swings on tree-branches, plus battling more Terapusmordax en-route, to rescue Ann. Eventually the queen bat imprisons Ann on a mesa and with another engages Kong. Kong throws a tree at one queen, and during the fight the pair summon more bats to distract Kong so one of them could attack, but this made no difference: Kong eventually defeats the two queens, then goes to Ann, where she is standing beside a blocked gateway. Kong opens the gateway, and after picking up Ann, makes his way down the path to a volcano. Carefully Kong navigates through it and comes to a spring in front of his lair, but three V-Rexes were there too. Kong descends and after placing Ann at a tree overlooking a waterfall, engages the tyrannosaurs. Kong is clearly meeting his match here as he has to deal with three V-Rexes at once, and protect Ann incase any go for her. Eventually though Kong emerges victorious, then clears the gateway to his lair.

As for the men, Jack and Jimmy have recovered Hayes, but he sadly dies from his trauma. To make matters worse a pair of Venatosaurus arrive and Jimmy, while grieving attacks them. Once they were defeated Englehorn returns and Jack was certain he'll land on the river again. The duo open a door leading back the way they came, but dozens of Venatosaurus and Terapusmordax were present in-between them and Englehorn. The two battle their way down to the river, where they also find a box with a tommy-gun and some fire to burn some bushes to clear the way. They eventually reach Englehorn, and Jack encourages Jimmy to get aboard first, who at first refused to without Ann, but relents, while Jack plans on heading to Kong's lair to find Ann.

Now flying solo, Jack makes his way to Kong's home, receiving a sniper from Englehorn in the process. He arrives to the stairs leading to Kong's lair, but dozens of Pugbats were present and Jack must battle them on the way in. He then comes to a chamber where two juvenile V-Rexes have staked a claim. While the tyrannosaurs were distracted Jack runs to a dwelling and finds more sniper ammo, and kills some bats who try to eat him. Once Jack makes it to the other dwelling which contained fire for the bushes in the way, he battles another bat and if he has to the tyrannosaurs, then burns the bushes, allowing him to acquire more sniper ammo in an area where the tyrannosaurs came from, and find a lever guarded by moonspiders. Jack kills a pugbat that attacks him to distract the arachnids and grabs the lever, then heads back to the door and opens it, where a box with a shotgun was waiting. Continuing on Jack comes closer to Kong's lair and finds another box with a sniper, then some pugbats to eliminate. Once he rids the path of bats (though some leave him alone) he makes way into the lair and swims in a stream leading right to Ann and Kong: the latter taking a nap. Jack whispers to Ann who comes to him and the two plan on escaping, but a Cave Serpent ambushes them: Ann screams and Kong wakes up, and while the humans flee, Kong battles the lamprey-like creature, who also brought an army of smaller versions of itself to subdue Kong. Kong eventually kills the serpent, but two more arrive, however they too are beaten, then Kong goes looking for Ann, who along with Jack leap off a ledge down to a river below, then swim to a raft and ride downstream. Ann thanks Jack for coming back for her, and believes Kong will fallow them, though she defends him too, even though she maintains that they don't belong on Skull Island. A moment of silence passes before Kong suddenly lands right behind them, and was unhappy.

Jack and Ann flee down the river with Kong chasing them. They come to the cave where Jack and Carl had ventured in to rejoin Hayes, then they come to the door, which has been damaged, and a juvenile Vastatosaurus Rex was present and kills a Venatosaurus it was fighting, then a Terapusmordax. Jack and Ann take advantage of the squabble to getaway, but find the path Jack took into the island has been taken over by bushes, and the V-Rex has noticed them, forcing them to hide in the viaduct. Jack sneaks off to the dwelling the fire was in, and another Venatosaurus arrives. Once Jack burns the bushes, Kong's roar is heard, and is later seen climbing a cliff ahead of Ann and Jack, clearly looking for them. They bolt, but Ann fears Kong will fight their friends when they reunite. Kong reaches an arm through the crevice to find anything, and once he gave up Ann and Jack get to an outpost.

The two continue back further down where they came from, and see Kong in the distance. Ann detects the smell of scavengers, and much like last time, Kong has left a massacre of dromaeosaurs in his wake. A living Venatosaurus kills a Terapusmordax feasting on a dead raptor, then turns its sights on Ann, but is killed. Then Jack burns some bushes and then confront more (albeit smaller) Venatosaurus (who came to cannibalize on their bigger relatives) and two more bats. After the last of the raptors have been dealt with the humans press on, where they witness Kong go back the way he came, then come to a patch of tall grass, and three natives setting it ablaze. Once the fire dies the two make a run for it, getting bombarded by more flaming spears before they make it closer to the gate.

Upon coming into the bog where Jack had his first encounter with Venatosaurus, they find bushes have taken over. Jack burns the bushes, where they hear the sounds of Megapedes and Venatosaurus, but never see them. They eventually return to the wall, where it looks empty of natives, though Ann begins to feel uneasy believing it wasn't empty and looks around to find way across the gorge separating them from the wall, eventually climbing the altar and onto the bridge used in her sacrifice. Jack attempts to tell something to Ann, but the wall's urns light up, showing that the place wasn't empty after all. Ann tries to run back, but the bridge raises with her and Ann is captured while Jack is left to watch. Kong eventually catches wind of Ann in trouble, and breaks into the gate in the wall to find her. Kong battles squads of natives before finally coming to a blocked pathway, and once he opens it, eliminates more natives and plows through a gateway leading into a volcano, where Ann was imprisoned. Kong frees her and then climbs a column to allow her to burn a cliff barricade in their escape-route. After that they fall into a pond on the beach. Ann warns Kong of the impending trap, but Kong has little choice but to go to the beach, where two sailors fire their guns and chloroform-canteens are blown up in Kong's direction, enveloping the entire beach in sleeping gas. Kong was able to put Ann in a safe place before passing out.

As the Venture crew come to shore to retrieve Kong, Carl stands on his hand in glee. Ann berates Carl, but Carl assures her that Kong will live since he has no intention of killing him anyway, while reveling in the fame that is sure to come when they return to New York with Kong.

Kong is eventually brought aboard in the Venture, and brought to N.Y.C, where Kong is kept chained on a stage on the street. Once Carl unveils him, the people are awed while Kong struggles with his restraints, eventually letting out a roar and breaking free, sending the crowd running. Kong destroys some searchlights with soldiers watching out for him, then destroys one of two fences and begins exploring the streets. Police-cars move in to intercept them, and are assisted by two military-trucks armed with powerful cannons. Kong destroys the trucks and any police-cars that get in his way before flipping over a bus parked in the route to the Empire-State-Building. Once he moves the bus out of the way, he continues to the skyscraper, but more trucks were lying in wait, with two firing at him. Kong comes to a barricade of trucks and people ahead of him, and when he turns back, two more trucks come out of hiding to trap him, and just when they were about to kill him, Ann arrives from the crowd to save Kong, who picks her up, then looks at the Empire-State-Building and gets an idea: with Ann nestled on his shoulder, Kong scales the corners of the skyscraper. Kong's climb takes him and Ann closer to the top, and once they reach it, Kong hangs on the antenna as fighter-biplanes arrive to kill him. Kong refuses to go down without a fight: he punches and grabs any plane that gets too close, but the gunshots from the planes later begin taking their toll on him, and eventually Kong could fight no more: he looks at Ann one last time before plunging down to the ground while Ann watches.

Back on the street, a crowd gathers around Kong's body. A policeman tries to get everybody to leave since the planes had done their job, though Carl believes it wasn't the planes that killed Kong, but beauty.

Differences From The MovieEdit

The plot loosely follows the film on which it is based, however, it diverges in many ways in order to make it better fit the flow of an action game.

  • The Story starts upon the arrival at Skull Island, leaving the ship.
  • The ship does not hit rocks and begin to sink or beach, as a result Carl, Jack, Ann and Preston do not go ashore behind Englehorn's back, in fact they are accompanied by Hayes.
    • Also each boat lands in a separate location.
  • Fewer crewmembers go ashore initially. Englehorn doesn't go ashore at all.
    • Englehorn doesn't go ashore by boat, however he's periodically seen in a seaplane and makes supply drops.
  • The shore party encounters the creatures of the island long before the natives.
  • Ann will assist in combating the enemy monsters. She has also been given abilities not seen in the film such as medical knowledge and climbing skills.
  • The Terapusmordax lack visible ears.
  • Jack witnesses Ann's abduction by Kong.
  • The crew do not return to the ship after their encounter with the natives, only to return after Ann's kidnapping.
  • Jimmy fights with spears instead of guns.
  • Lumpy looks completely different (ignoring the sailor who was going ashore that looked more like him), he is eaten by a V-Rex instead of being killed by Carnictises, which are in fact absent from the game.
  • Choy's death is not witnessed.
  • Baxter dies in the game (although his death is not seen).
  • There are no enemies in the chasm after the log fall.
  • After rescuing Ann, Kong initially does not try to stop her leaving with Jack, Hayes, and Jimmy, in fact when Ann introduced him to Jack and assured he was a friend of hers he seems to approve of her being with him.
  • Carl departs from the group after the camera breaks and returns to the ship at which point he plans the ambush for Kong.
  • Hayes is trampled by a V-Rex instead of being killed by Kong, though he manages to live long enough to tell Jimmy to get back to the ship.
  • Ann is taken by Kong a second time, but this time, it's because she called him, so he would defend her and the others from a V-Rex.
  • When Jack goes to Kong's lair to rescue Ann, Kong is woken by Ann's screams when she and Jack were attacked by a cave-serpent, instead of Kong just randomly waking up. Also instead of bats attacking Kong, there are the cave serpents attacking.
  • The natives of the wall are encountered again by Ann, Jack and Kong when they return to the wall, and Kong battles the sailors on the beach rather than in the village.
    • On a related note, the humans don't flee from Kong in boats, nor is Ann restrained in one, nor does Jimmy try to shoot Kong with a tommy-gun, and nor does Englehorn fire a harpoon at Kong, in fact Jimmy and Englehorn weren't present at all in the capture (though Englehorn was seen flying around in his plane in the level after), plus Kong passes out on the beach itself rather than in the water.
  • Kong is not kept in a theatre in the game, and instead just kept on a stage in an alley.
  • Jack does not try to lure Kong away with a taxi, in fact Jack's not even seen here.
  • Kong's final standoff against the biplanes happens at night instead of at Dawn.
  • There is an alternate ending in which Kong survives the assault by the airplanes, with the help of Jack and Englehorn, and is returned to Skull Island.


In the game, the player assumes the roles of both New York scriptwriter Jack Driscoll and the legendary giant gorilla, Kong as they struggle to survive the threats of Skull Island in 1933.

PS2, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PCEdit

Jack Driscoll LevelsEdit

Jack's levels take the form of a first person shooter. Jack can carry one gun and one spear, though he must drop his spear to use his gun. Guns must be readied to shoot, they can be fired from the hip or aimed down sights for better accuracy at the cost of mobility, and he cannot have two types of guns at once. They can also be used to melee enemies to gain some breathing room. Spears can be used to stab enemies or be thrown to impale them, and can be lit on fire for greater damage. On certain occasions the player will be left defenseless and having no alternative but to run from enemies.

There are also some puzzle solving and exploration elements with certain areas being blocked by bushes which must be burned to proceed. Spiders may be in an area which will attempt to eat Jack if he comes too close, they must be lured away from the area by using small creatures as bait. Handles for door cranks may need to be retrieved in order to proceed.

In the console and pc versions, Jack will be joined by AI companions at most times, who will offer assistance in fights as well as puzzle solving. Weapons can be traded, and they can be talked to.

Kong LevelsEdit

The Kong levels take place in a third person view with a beat 'em up gameplay style with platforming. Kong can punch, bite, charge, and grab enemies which will result in them being thrown, slammed or ripped apart. He can also use objects/corpses as weapons.

Kong can also pound his chest to go into fury mode, during which the sky becomes tinted with a golden hue and Kong becomes more powerful and less vulnerable to attack.

On larger enemies, such as the V-Rex or the Queen Terapusmordax Kong can perform rapid button-pressing moves to kill them.

Many of the Kong sequences fulfill the role of boss fights, as the giant ape is able to effectively battle the gigantic creatures that Jack's weapons cannot harm.

Gameboy AdvanceEdit

The game takes on the play-style of a top down adventure RPG.


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