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Megapedes are a species of arthropods, similar to millipedes, but much larger in size and resemble centipedes more. Their diet consists of only meat, and are native to Skull Island. They appear both in the film and the video game adaptation, and are somewhat similar to moonspiders.


The megapedes on Skull Island grow from three to five feet (90cm to 1.5m) long, and are ferocious predators. There are three known species of megapedes, and they are: ◾Megepede dereponecis - These are the largest megapede (besides Hydruscimex), at 1.5m (five feet) long. In the film, a pair are seen in a log which descend on Ann Darrow and look at her menacingly; she then runs out screaming only to encounter a V-Rex. In the game, they are drastically increased in size to about 3m. They sometimes pick fights with Venatosaurus, though neither can kill the other. On a few occasions a Megapede will simply ignore the player (and the other explorers) unless the player attacks first, choosing instead to just come out of hiding and scuttle to somewhere else. They also seem to gain a juvenile form, which have a more bluish hue, and sometimes the juveniles and adults will try to cannibalize on each other, though neither side will die until the player intervenes. They are also buoyant and not afraid to go in water to hunt (much like the related Hydrucimex and the waterfall centipede (Scolopendra cataracta) of southeast Asia). ◾Megapede humus - The second largest species; like most giant centipede-like creatures on Skull Island, they are only featured in the guide. ◾Megapede horridus - The smallest megapede species at three feet (90cm) long. They are only featured in the guide.

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