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KING KONG character
King Kong

King Kong (Megaprimatus Kong) from the 2005 film "King Kong".

Species Megaprimatus Kong
Official name King Kong
Nicknames Big ape
Height 18 feet-25 feet
Weight 8-12 tons


Origins Skull Island
Distribution Skull Island (wild) and New York City, USA (captured)
First appearance King Kong (2005 film)
Latest appearance Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
Created by Peter Jackson

King Kong, or Megaprimatus Kong, is a species of giant gorilla only inhabiting the large sinking island called Skull Island.




The last known Megaprimatus Kong was the specimen known as King Kong, which died in New York City after escaping a show by Carl Denham where Kong was the captured animal star, and he was later shot down by airplanes after climbing to the top of Empire State Building, taking Ann Darrow with him, but leaving her standing at the top of the tower as she watches Kong fall to his death.

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