KING KONG species

Decarnocimex and a dinosaur's skull

Conservation status Extinct (Skull Island)
Length -
Height -
Weight -
Origins -
Distribution -
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Created by Peter Jackson and Weta Workshop

Decarnocimex, meaning "Flesh-removing-bug", is a species of insect that is found on Skull Island. The Insect is described in the book "The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island" (2005).


Decarnocimex's were flesh-eating, oversized relatives of crickets with bladed forelimbs for tearing apart carcasses. Aggressive hunters as well as scavengers, Decarnocimex's would attack small animals unfortunate enough to fall into their hellish domain, carving them up with their claws and razor-sharp mandibles.

Adult females would drag morsels of food back to holes dug in the chasm walls, where they laid their eggs. Depositing the meat, they would seal the holes with a mucus cement. Safe within their sealed nursery, the young would hatch and live off the rotting meat until mature enough to chew their way through the plug to freedom.

King Kong(2005)Edit

Decarnocimex makes an Appearance in the 2005 movie. They work with Weta-Rexes to attack Carl Denham, but are defeated with Carl's Club.

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