Cunaepraedator is a stocky crab-like creature that lives both in the water and in the coastal cliffs and in inland water-bodies.


One of the many native crabs of Skull Island, Cunaepraedator are vastly exaggerated in the game, appearing much larger in size (up to 18-24 ft), short-tempered and with an aquatic lifestyle as opposed to the terrestrial nature of the originals. All the crabs live near water, whether on the coast, in flooded caves, or even in water tables in the canyons. They typically rush forth sideways then turn around to snap out at any humans nearby. A really large crab was met on the coast, and was able to tear down native scaffolding in its way. The usual size will succumb from eight or more machine-gun rounds, while the true giant can tolerate 40 similar rounds from a pistol. Like the Neopedes, the crabs are at huge risk from spear attacks. These could be one of several giant crabs found on Skull Island.


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